• Clinics

Gudmar’s clinics and demonstrations have been very well received all across the country. If you are interested in hosting a clinic with Gudmar at your farm, please read the information below. If you’d just like to attend a Gudmar clinic, please look at the calendar page to see where Gudmar is teaching.


  • Participants

    We can accommodate up to 12 participants maximum in our clinics. The clinic can be taught in 3 groups of 4, with each of the groups appropriate to the riders abilities. Gudmar may decide to switch the participants into different groups during the clinic. Each group would get two, 50 minute sessions per day. The clinic can also be taught as private lessons which would then result in less time per student. However the clinic host can choose to have less then 12 students and that way have more time per student. The clinic host is somewhat free to create the schedule with Gudmar’s approval before the clinics starts.

  • Horses

    All gaited horse breeds are encouraged to participate in these clinics. We recommend that the horses have already had some training, like walking and stopping. If the rider is unsure if the horse is ready for a clinic, then we encourage them to sign up for a private lesson the day before to determine so. We also encourage the use of well-fitted and comfortable tack. All tack should fit the horses well and not hinder movement or cause pain.

  • Facilities

    Riding ring can be either indoors or outdoors. Having an indoor arena available during an unpredictable weather season is ideal, but not mandatory. The footing should not be too deep or too hard. PA system is a requirement as it will contribute to the success of the clinic, for both the riders ability to hear and the auditors.

  • Video

    No video allowed during clinic. If you want the clinician to ride your horse so that you can capture it on video, please arrange a private lesson.

  • Rates

    Please contact us directly for rates. Payment will be due in full to the clinician before return departure. All travel expenses, meals and lodging to be provided by host. Maximum 12 riders per day.

  • Schedule
    Date  Location Club or Farm/Host

    Sept. 9-11


    Prospect, KY


    Taktur Icelandics/Carrie Lyons Brandt



    Sept. 16-17


     Middleburg, VA


    Frida Icelandic Riding Club/Suzi McGraw


    Sept. 22-24

    Monument, CO


    Tamangur Icelandic Horses/Coralie Denmeade


    Oct. 2-5


    Prospect, KY



    Taktur Icelandics/Kathy Love


    Oct. 6-8

    Shelbyville, KY


    Icelandic Horse Show at Léttleiki


    Oct. 15-17

    Limington. ME


    Boulder Ridge Icelandics/Cindy Wescott



    Oct. 23-25



    Newfane, VT



    Himneskur Landi/Alice Ryan 






    Trout Lake. WA



    Red Feather Icelandics/Linda Templeton



    Nov. 2-3



    Boxford, MA



    Merrimack Icelandics/Ebba Meehan



    Nov. 4-5



    Washingtonville, NY



    Helms Hill Farm/Shannon Fitzgerald



    Contact Gudmar directly to schedule a clinic at gudmar@gudmar.com


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