It's nearly impossible to improve a horse that is stiff and stressed. In this video I show you how to get your horse supple and relaxed, which is fundamental to completing the next steps.
Horses are always learning, and that makes everyone who rides them a trainer. That's why it's important to always have a plan when you mount your horse. You're more likely to be successful...
In order to be able to improve your horse and help him gait better, you need to have control over his feet. In this video I show you what that means.
One rein work is great, but we also need the outside rein. In this video I show you how I introduce the outside rein without creating resistance.
It's very important that the horse is always connected and uses his body in a healthy way. For this to happen, the horse needs to know how to be in-between the aids. In this video I show...
Even a minimally trained horse knows that the reins mean "stop" and/or "turn," while the pressure of your legs means "go." But in order to be able to ride the gait successfully, the horse...
When I first met Veigar I knew he was a special horse, very sensitive but so smart and fun to work with. We have worked together now for few years testing our skills in horsemanship.


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